April 29, 2005


CAASE/UAW Calls for an Unfair Labor Practice Strike at Cal State for all 6,000 Academic Student Employees


Sacramento – The California Alliance of Academic Student Employees/United Auto Workers (CAASE/UAW) announced today that it has called an unfair labor practice strike of all academic student employees who work at all 23 California State University campuses.


The Union has called this strike in response to the many unresolved Unfair Labor Practices committed by the University, which have created and continue to create significant obstacles to reaching agreement on a first contract for ASEs at Cal State. The Union has notified the CSU that it is necessary to reach agreement so that the membership can ratify a contact before the end of the academic term. 


 “These Unfair Labor Practices have been a continuous problem,” said Jane Cipra, a Teaching Associate in Biology at Humboldt State University. “This strike is about members from across the state taking a stand and holding the University accountable.”


These Unfair Labor Practices include: making unilateral changes to the working conditions of ASEs in the bargaining unit, sending University representatives to the bargaining table who do not have the authority to bargain, repeatedly failing to provide information that is necessary for the bargaining committee to have for negotiations and denying Union activists the right to talk to members.


 “There are ASEs who have taught hundreds of students and are leaving in debt and even in bankruptcy with a wage that averages only $520/month and with 2/3 of that wage going back toward student fees.  It is unacceptable for those of us doing valuable teaching, tutoring and grading to be working under these conditions, and the CSU’s unlawful behavior has kept us too long from having the rights, benefits and protections we deserve,” said Rogelio Garcia, at tutor in the Chicana/o Wrting lab at CSU Northridge.


Cal State ASEs are part of a rapidly growing Union movement at Universities throughout the United States.


The UAW represents over 27,000 ASEs, including more than 12,000 ASEs at the University of California.