01/25/02 Bargaining Update
Fact-finding dates set

From: Michael Reagan 
Date: Fri Jan 25, 2002  11:18:50  AM US/Pacific
To: CFA Executve Committee 
Subject: Fact-finding dates set

The CFA Bargaining Team will meet by conference call Tuesday
evening, 29 January, to plan our presentation to the fact-finding
panel.  The hearings will be held on Feb. 13, 14, and 15 in

Because the CFA true 2% offer expired at the beginning of
fact-finding, the administration is eagerly publicizing a
distorted picture of the unreasonable union position:

The CSU has proposed that the parties resolve the economic
bargaining for this fiscal year by agreeing to a 2 % general
salary increase for faculty members, retroactive to July 1, 2001.
The CFA has rejected this offer. Its current counterproposal
would exceed the 2 % increase by an additional $47 million. (CSU
Leader, 25 January 2002)

Desirable as it might be to extract $47 million from Strafaci's
grasp, your bargaining team is realistic, and seeks a progressive
settlement of both economic and non-economic issues within the
realm of the possible.  In the mean time, expect the war of words
to continue as usual.

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