Samuel A. Strafaci,
CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Responds to
the California Faculty Association Proposal
of November 19, 2001

From: "Deborah Hennessy" 
Date: Wed Nov 21, 2001  09:38:57 AM US/Pacific
Subject: FWD: FACULTY Bargaining Report
Reply-To: Deborah Hennessy 

Dr. Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley, Chair
Academic Senate of the California State University
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FYI, I am sharing the following report from Sam Strafaci, CSU
Chancellor's Office, with you.  Earlier today, I forwarded
reports to you from CFA as well as from Richard West, Executive
Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, CSU Chancellor's

s/Jackie Kegley


FACULTY Bargaining Report
November 20, 2001

On November 14, 2001 the CSU made a proposal to representatives
of the California Faculty Association in an effort to expedite
the payment of salary increases for faculty unit employees for
fiscal year 2001/02.  We did so in an effort to guarantee the
salary increases for faculty at a time when the state budget
situation continues to worsen, which has resulted in the CSU's
need to make budget cuts of at least $45 million for the
remainder of this year.  It is our desire to negotiate an
agreement with the CFA that guarantees these salary increases as
budget reduction negotiations with the State continue.  The
following is the text of the written offer to the CFA:

"As the budget year proceeds amid a worsening economic crisis
facing the State of California, the CSU administration is growing
increasingly concerned about our failure to reach agreement to
provide salary increases to faculty unit employees.  As you know,
I have voiced my concern about our failure to identify any
written agreement to guarantee pay raises at a time when the
Governor has instructed the CSU that we must cut our budget for
the remainder of this fiscal year, and when many are predicting
that we will have to consider much more serious budgetary
reductions in fiscal year 2002/03.

"For these reasons I believe that it is important that the CSU
now formally propose an arrangement that will guarantee salary
increases for faculty unit employees, while allowing the parties
to utilize all progress made to date as we continue our
bargaining for a new contract.  In short, both parties will not
be required to make concessions on any other bargaining subjects
in order to effectuate pay increases immediately for our faculty.

"The proposal is as follows.  We have already mutually agreed to
extend our contract as we proceed under HEERA's impasse
procedures.  If we proceed to fact-finding, these impasse
procedures, and therefore the continuation of our contract, will
likely extend until at least February 2002.  The CSU proposes
that we mutually agree to extend the contract for an additional
four months - until the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2002.
In addition, we propose that the parties resolve the economic
bargaining for this fiscal year by agreeing to provide a two
percent (2.0%) general salary increase to faculty unit employees
retroactive to July 1, 2001.  As you know, this two percent
(2.0%) increase is consistent with the salary increases provided
to CSU presidents and administrators, as well as all other
represented employees with agreements on fiscal year 2001/02
compensation increases.

"We can then immediately proceed with the continuation of our
bargaining for a new contract to become effective on July 1,
2002, taking advantage of all progress made to date on all
issues.  We do not recommend, as I believe you will agree, that
we begin "from scratch" in our bargaining when we have made real
progress on many of the issues under discussion.

"I am hopeful that you will give this proposal serious
consideration.  I believe that it is in our mutual best interest,
and certainly in the best interest of our faculty, that we move
very quickly to provide these retroactive salary increases to
faculty unit employees.  We can do so in a manner that does not
require either party to compromise their position on any
outstanding bargaining issue.  I truly believe that this is a
positive approach to a difficult situation where all parties,
notably our faculty, can achieve a positive outcome."

In a letter dated November 19, 2001, the CFA rejected the CSU's
offer.  The Union instead presented a counter-offer that
requested in addition to the 2% GSI, the CSU also provide in
fiscal year 2001/02 service salary increases, department chair
salary increases, counselor salary increases, and additional
health benefits for some lecturers.  We will keep you apprised of
additional bargaining developments as we proceed in mediation and

Samuel A. Strafaci
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Human Resources
California State University
Office of the Chancellor

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