Procedure for Faculty Appointments to Administrative Committees

In order to involve a broad range of interested faculty in shared governance, and to provide for an efficient appointment process, the Senate Executive Committee requests that administrators wishing to appoint faculty to administrative committees follow the procedures outlined below:
  1. Administrator contacts Executive Assistant to the Speaker (Bowman) ex 3400, and advises:

    1. How many faculty representatives are needed;
    2. Citeria of representatives e.g. representative from each College, experience in certain area, tenured or tenure track, etc.;
    3. When appointment(s) are needed;
    4. How often the committee will meet and when they will meet;
    5. How long the committee be active;
    6. Who the committee reports to;
    7. The charge of the committee;
    8. The overall composition of the committee.

  2. Executive Assistant will contact Speaker and or SEC and advise of request. Executive Assistant will then send request to the Chairperson of the Committee on Committees.

  3. COC will meet, discuss, and recommend appointments. Their recommendation will be sent to the Executive Assistant who will then forward to the Speaker and or SEC.

  4. Speaker and or SEC, via Executive Assistant, will advise the appropriate administrator on the appointment of faculty member(s). [Article VI, Section 1.2 (b).]
Note: Because COC does not meet between June 1 and September 1, if at all possible, requests for faculty representatives on administrative committees should be made between September 1 and April 30 each academic year.