John Stuart Rogers Faculty Development Center

Policies Statement

May 22, 2001


1.       The Faculty Development Center is designed to provide a location where faculty can meet on both a formal and an informal basis.  A variety of faculty support services will be housed in the facility.


2.       Whenever possible, the Center is available to faculty and staff for casual drop-in use throughout the day and into the evening on both weekdays and weekends.  The Center is available for faculty and staff use into late evening.


3.       Priority for scheduling facilities goes to faculty development functions, academic senate functions, and departmental/college functions.


4.       The Academic Senate holds its regularly scheduled meetings in the Reference Room, and the room is not available for casual seating at that time.  The Reference Room may be unavailable for casual seating during conferences, lectures, and other special occasions.


5.       The Faculty Development Center makes conference rooms available for campus organizations and functions when rooms have not been previously scheduled for other events.


6.       Scheduling for one conference room will be delegated to the Academic Support Staff for faculty governance meetings (in addition to Academic Senate meetings in the Reference Room).  Scheduling for all other rooms will be done through the Faculty Development Center secretary, with final approval resting with the Director of the Faculty Center.


7.       Reservations will be accepted from non-faculty organizations no more than 30 days before the event being scheduled.


8.       Reservations of rooms will be honored, even if last-minute, higher priority events request the space.


Recommended by SEC (signed by Pamela M. Russ, Speaker of the Faculty) May 22, 2001

Approved by President Marvalene Hughes, October 25. 2001


Proposed by the John Stuart Rogers Faculty Development Center Ad Hoc Building Committee