(Latest Revision -- Feb 29, 2004)

Information on Total Cost of CSU Education

  1. USA Group study from the U.S. Department of Education web site indicating that total cost of education in California public four-year colleges is greater than the national average (c.f table 14, p. 37) (PDF format -- 600 KB size)

  2. Campus-by-campus information on total cost of CSU education which seems to be consistent with the USA Group study. (Excel download -- 58 KB size)

  3. Historical Information on CSU Fees (PDF download -- 8 KB size)

  4. Median Income Information (Note: the USA Group study was based on median income of the age 45-54 group since it is the primary age group of parents of college students. The income information provided at the sites below is not specialized to the age 45-54 group.)

  5. Historical Information on CSU Enrollment (Note changes in enrollment trends that occurred in conjunction with periods of rapid fee increases in the early 1990's.)