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What Are the Roles of the CFA and CSU Academic Senate?

What is the California Faculty Association?

According to article ii of the CFA constitution:

"The CFA is established to strengthen the cause of higher education for the public good; to promote and maintain the standards and ideals of the profession; to provide a democratic voice for academic employees; to provide legislative advocacy; and to maintain collective bargaining agreements covering salaries, working conditions, and other terms and conditions of employment. These agreements shall seek:

What is the Academic Senate of the CSU?

The Constitution of the Statewide Academic Senate, in defining the purpose of the senate, says in part:

"It shall be the purpose of the Academic Senate ... to promote academic excellence ... to serve as the official voice of the faculties ... in matters of systemwide concern; to be the formal policy-recommending body on systemwide academic, professional and academic personnel matters; to ensure the joint responsibility of the Academic Senate and the Trustees in criteria and standards to be used for the appointment, promotion, evaluation, and tenure of academic employees; to be the primary consultative body on the academic implications of systemwide fiscal decisions; and to assume such other authority and other responsibilities and to perform such functions as may be delegated to it by the Chancellor or the Trustees ... ."

Where do we draw the boundaries of right and responsibility among the CFA, Academic Senate, and CSU Management?

Much of the answer is to be found in the 1978 California Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA).

According to a memorandum endorsed by the Statewide Academic Senate, under HEERA:

"... as to matters within the scope of representation [wages, hours of employment, and other terms and conditions of employment]:

... as to matters outside the scope of representation:

Source: "Principles and Policies: papers of the academic senate, the california state university," Section II, second paper (Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA): A memorandum to senate members and others), pp. 23-24.