George Diehr presents…
CalPERS Board of
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Traditional Defined Benefit (DB) Pension Systems
Example CalPERS Pension Benefit
DC Plans—401(k), 403(b): Characteristics
DC Plans: Think You (or Your Broker) Can Beat the Market (& CalPERS)?
“Equivalent” Defined Contribution Plan
Three Proposals That Attack Fundamental Retirement Security
BUDGET Proposal
Assemblymember Dr. Keith Richman proposes elimination of a defined-benefit plan for ALL PUBLIC employees
Legislation, continued
Effects of Richman’s DC Plan
The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association wants to break the promise of a defined-benefit pension.
Other Notes and Comments: Backpedaling?
Will Killing the DB Save Money?
More Attacks…
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Comments/Notes on Pension Reform
Pensions & Investments, 1/10/05
Comments/Notes continued
Myths: Exploding Pension Costs, Extravagent Benefits
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Experience in Other States
The Social Security “Crisis”
Cost of “Saving” Social Security
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What Can We Do To Protect The Promise of Retirement Security?
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