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Information Sources

Advice: it may be easier to search for articles at the site belonging to a publication. However, sometimes you can't read the articles full text at the publication site, but you can access full text via the CSU Stanislaus library. To give an example, you might browse at the website for Scientific American and find an abstract of an article that looks like it might be a good source article to use for your talk. You may find it is not be possible to read the article on Scientific American's website. However, the CSU Stanislaus library may give you access to full text of the article, perhaps online, hardcopy, or both.

Generally it's good to start looking for topics in general science publications, since the computer topics in these publications are often ones that are especially appealing. Once you have chosen a topic and have some sources from general science publications, you can then look for more information on the topic in the computer publications that may be more specialized.

Below are links that may help you locate source material for your papers and presentations. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to be selective and insure that the material you use is of high quality.