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Computer System Request Assignment (PDF attachment)

Prior to the due date, there will be available time in lecture, lab and office hours for you to get help with all parts of this assignment.
  1. Research Computer Consumer Information and Make Specifications

    For this assignment, play the role of a company employee. Assume that your boss wants you to work on a special project and that you'll need to start by specifying and getting bids for a new computer.

    You the student must decide what features and specifications are needed in the computer for the job your 'boss' needs done. To help you with this, read information about personal computer systems that are currently available. Include the following in your specifications:

  2. Get Three 'Bids'

    Find out from three online vendors what they would actually charge for the system you specified. You can get price comparisons on the mySimon and Macworld Reviews sites.

  3. Make A Proposal

    Write a message to me, styled as a letter or memo. Write to me as if I am your boss. In your message, make a request for the new computer system. Include in the message the list of specifications on which you decided. State reasons why you need this type of computer, with these particular features and specifications. Include the information you got from the three vendors on the pricing.

    Use a word processor such as Microsoft Word to create the message.

    1. Single-space the document.
    2. For the main part of the document, use a font size from 10 to 12 point.
    3. Make sure that your name appears in the memo or letter!
    4. Justify the left margin (only).
    5. Indent the first line of each paragraph by 1/2 inch and skip a line between the last line of a paragraph and the first line of the next paragraph.
    6. Set the
      • left and right margins to 1-1/4 inches, and
      • top and bottom margins to 1-1/2 inches.

  4. Submit the Proposal as a PDF Attachment

    When the document is finished save a copy in PDF format and send it to me as an e-mail attachment. (We'll discuss how to do this in class.)

      Conversion Products:
    1. PDF online: free PDF conversion service
    2. CutePDF Writer: downloadable freeware by Acro Software. Note: You need to get the free Ghostscript - also available at the site.

    The e-mail must be sent To me at exactly this address: john@ishi.csustan.edu

    You must set the Subject of the e-mail to exactly this: CS4000,SysRqst

The Due Date for Your Computer System Request

Check the class schedule for the due date.