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WORK SCHEDULE FOR CS 3750 -- Fall 2016

You will find weekly reading assignments here that set a pace that will keep you on track to complete all the required reading by the end of the semester. The pace will most likely move the readings ahead of the mainstream of what I am covering in lecture. In class we will devote some time to discussion of what you are currently reading, but we may have to spend time on other things too. You should check here each week to see what will be covered in the lecture material, and you should review that material to prepare for the lecture.

I will synchronize homework assignments with lecture and quizzes. In class or office hours, feel free to ask questions related to the current homework.

Before you read a chapter in the book, first read the assigned homework problem(s) for that chapter. As you read the chapter, gather the maximal amount of relevant information to use in your answers to the problem(s).

Program Dates:

WEEK #1: Wed Aug 24 - Fri Aug 26
WEEK #2: Aug 29 - Sep 02
WEEK #3: Tuesday, Sep 6 - Fri Sep 9
WEEK #4: Sep 12 - Sep 16
WEEK #5: Sep 19 - Sep 23
WEEK #6: Sep 26 - Sep 30
WEEK #7: Oct 3 - Oct 7
WEEK #8: Mon Oct 10, Tues Oct 11, Thu Oct 13, Fri Oct 14
WEEK #9: Oct 17 - Oct 21
WEEK #10: Oct 24 - Oct 28
WEEK #11: Oct 31 - Nov 04
WEEK #12: Mon Nov 7, Tues Nov 8, Wed Nov 9, Thurs Nov 10
WEEK #13: Nov 14 - Nov 18
WEEK #14: Mon Nov 21, Tues Nov 22, Wed Nov 23

WEEK #15: Nov 28 - Dec 02
WEEK #16: Dec 5 - Dec 9
WEEK #17: Mon Dec 12

♥ FINAL EXAM FOR THE Tues-Thurs 11:00A - 12:15P class CLASS: The CS 3750 comprehensive final exam is scheduled for Thursday, December 15 from 11:15 to 13:15 (11:15A to 1:15P). The exam is currently scheduled to be in the regular classroom: D-28.

Bring a #2 pencil and a Scantron 882-E form (the LONG form this time). The 882-E forms are sold in the bookstore.