I will make additions and changes to this schedule as the semester progresses. Keep checking the class web space to see the latest version.
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( Latest Revision -- Wed Dec 01 2004 )
(Wed Dec 01: noted date of Quiz #4 announced in class: 12/02/04)
(Fri Nov 19: moved back the date for Quiz #4 [again])
(Mon Nov 08: moved back the date for HW #4)
(Mon Nov 08: moved back the date for Quiz #4)
(Mon Oct 25: filled in content for HW #4 and #5)
(Mon Oct 25: firmed up due dates for programs)
(Mon Oct 11: moved back due date for program #1)
(Mon Oct 11: moved back due date for program #2 pseudo-code)
(Mon Oct 11: specified content of homework #3)
(Mon Oct 11: specified content of quiz #3)

WORK SCHEDULE FOR CS 3750 -- Fall 2004

You will find weekly reading assignments here. The reading assignments set a pace that will allow you to read the entire text by the end of the semester. The pace will also move the readings ahead of the mainstream of what I am covering in lecture. In class we will devote some time to discussion of what you are currently reading, but we may have to spend much or most of the time on something else. You should check here each week to see what will be covered in the lecture material, and you should review that material to prepare for the lecture.

At the end of the semester, lectures will skip from topic to topic, and perhaps finally really catch up with the reading assignments.

I will synchronize homework assignments pretty well with the lectures and quizzes. In class or office hours, feel free to ask questions related to the current homework.

Before you read a chapter in the book, first read the assigned homework problems for that chapter. As you read the chapter, gather the maximal amount of relevant information to use in your answers to the problems.
WEEK #1: Sep 02-03
WEEK #2: Sep 07-10
WEEK #3: Sep 13-17
WEEK #4: Sep 20-24
WEEK #5: Sep 27 - Oct 01
WEEK #6: Oct 04-08
WEEK #7: Oct 11-15
WEEK #8: Oct 18-22
WEEK #9: Oct 25-29
WEEK #10: Nov 01-05
WEEK #11: Nov 08-12
WEEK #12: Nov 15-19
WEEK #13: Nov 22-23
WEEK #14: Nov 29 - Dec 03
WEEK #15: Dec 06-09
There will be no final exam. The final exam time reserved for the class is December 14, from 11:15 to 13:15. If it wishes, the class may consider whether it wants to schedule one of the quizzes into the final exam time slot.