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Homework Problems for CS 3750

problems in Silberschatz and Galvin, 5th edition

You'll get good grades on the homework if you show * mastery * of the material you've been reading in the chapter. Give THOUGHTFUL and COMPLETE answers. EXPLAIN your answers so as to demonstrate and prove to a skeptical reader that they are correct.

Doing the homework will be likely to raise your course grade by one full letter grade (e.g. from C to B, or from B to A).

Directions for homework submissions:

By e-mail, turn in an ascii file version, in 70 column format. Also, turn in a printout of the file. The printout is due on the desktop at the beginning of class. Send the e-mail to:


In case you are wondering why I want you to turn in e-mail AND a printout -- it gives me flexibility. If If I want to insert a lot of comments, I can work with your e-mail. On the other hand, it's quicker to grade and hand back paper copy if things do not get too involved.

Homework Assignment #1.

Due Tuesday, September 29

Chapter #01 -- Introduction
Chapter #02 -- Computer System Structures
Chapter #03 -- Operating System Structures

Homework Assignment #2.

Due Thursday, October 14

Chapter #04 -- Processes
Chapter #05 -- CPU Scheduling
Chapter #06 -- Process Synchronization

Homework Assignment #3.

Due Tuesday, October 26

Chapter #10 -- File-System Interface
Chapter #11 -- File-System Implementation

Homework Assignment #4

DUE: Tuesday, November 9

Chapter #07 -- Deadlocks

Homework Assignment #5

DUE: Thursday, November 18

Chapter #08 -- Memory Management
Chapter #09 -- Virtual Memory

Homework Assignment #6

DUE: Tuesday, November 30

Chapter #15 -- Network Structures Chapter #16 -- Distributed-System Structures Chapter #17 -- Distributed-File Systems Chapter #18 -- Distributed Coordination

Homework Assignment #7

DUE: Friday, December 10

Chapter #12 -- I/O Systems Chapter #13 -- Secondary Storage Structure Chapter #14 -- Tertiary Storage Structure

Remember to also read the following chapters: