Since this program will have many include files, you should build your include files like the following example:

-------------------- start of example --------------------

FILENAME: command.h

Here we define a data types for representing a command internally to the program.


#ifndef my_COMMAND_H
#define my_COMMAND_H

#include <string>

enum personType {DOCTOR, PATIENT} ;
enum comCategType {CHECKIN, CHECKOUT} ;
enum priorityType {GREEN, RED} ;

enum specialtyType {PED, GP, INT, CARD, SUR, OBS, PSY, NEUR, ORTH, DERM, OPH, ENT, ERROR} ;

struct commandType
} ;

-------------------- end of example --------------------

The directives:

#ifndef my_COMMAND_H
#define my_COMMAND_H



insure that the file will not be included more than once in the image of the program that gets linked together when you call g++. Therefore, you will not get a lot of error messages complaining that things that have been defined already are being redefined.

Note the choice of the "uniquifier" prefix "my_" used to help avoid conflicts with constants that might be defined in system libraries.