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cs 3100 info photo of John Sarraille

Hi CS 3100 Students --

03/09/2008: I added programming assignment #3 to the schedule.

02/27/2008: I made some changes to the schedule. I moved quiz #1. It will be held on Monday, March 3. Have a look at the schedule. There is information on what will be covered in the quiz, and a list of study questions.

02/13/2008: If you don't know any C++, or even if you do, I suggest that you read Appendix A in the Carrano text. It starts on page 807. There is also a table of 'translations' between C++ and Java starting on page 869. You could read this material a little bit at a time, on an 'as needed' basis during the course of the semester.

02/13/2008: I posted Java and C++ versions of the source code for our textbook here:

You can get access to download code by pasting the URL above in the address panel of most any web browser.

You may need some of this code later for doing some of the programming assignments. However, if you do need it, it won't be for quite a while.

-- js