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cs 2500 info
Watch this space.
I'll be adding more course information as time goes on.
photo of John Sarraille [05/08/2009]: I added the fifth programming assignment.

[03/26/2009]: I added another file: Asg03/exampleStatements.html -- it lists some of the kinds of statements you will need to implement details of your program #3. For example, how do you insert a copy of a record at the end of a list? Retrieve a copy of an item from somewhere in a list? Learn how many elmements a list contains? How do you open files and read from them or write to them?

[03/25/2009]: I modified an item in Asg03/gotchas.html to make more clear what is the possible issue regarding re-use of a "buffer."

[03/24/2009]: I made some minor changes to files Asg03/LevTwoHelp.html and Asg03/pseudoCode4TryMatch.html - partly to make details of data-typing match the approach I am taking to the design of the program this term.