( Latest Revision: 11/06/2004 )

FIFTH CS 1500 SOLO PROGRAM: Laying Bricks

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this programming assignment is to get more practice writing and using loops.


Your assignment is to write a program that "makes a brick wall" for the user.


The program prompts the user for a width and a number of courses. These numbers are the width and height of the wall, measured in numbers of whole bricks. In this exercise, there will be no provision for partial brick widths or heights.


The program "outputs a brick wall" having the dimensions given by the user. Look at the sample runs of my solution program to see what the appearance the brick wall must be.

For this exercise, your output must be just like the output of the sample. In particular, your bricks must be the same size and shape as the bricks in the sample, and your walls must contain single layers of mortar (asterisks) in the appropriate locations just as the sample shows. Also, your walls are not allowed to have mortar anywhere on the periphery. (The periphery is the top, bottom, and the sides.)


If you wish, you may use this structure chart and this function plan guidelines for your program design.

I expect you to employ good principles of top-down design. Substantial credit will be withheld if you do not create a program that uses functions appropriately.

I'll discuss some things in class that I think will help you in your efforts to design a solution to this problem.

Also, you can look at the programs stars.cpp and varStars.cpp to see C++ code with some similarities to the code you need to write.


Write appropriate header comments for each of your functions. Header comments are the comments that appear at the beginning of the function, telling what it's purpose is and what the preconditions and postconditions are, and so forth. You may pattern your header comments after the example code in your text book, or you may use this information as your guide.

At the beginning of your program file put a header comment like this:

  /* PROGRAM Brick Wall Maker */


  Name:          Gordon Goodguy
  User Name:     goodge
  Course:        CS 1500, Computer Programming I
  Instructor:    John Sarraille
  Date:          November 20, 2004


Of course, in place of "Gordon Goodguy," you must put your own full name. In place of "goodge" put your user (login) name. In place of "November 20, 2004" put the date that you finished the program. Note that the comment delimiters /* and */ are important. They need to be placed correctly or you will get compiler errors.


You will be sending me two e-mail messages. Please follow these rules: Here is the list of things you have to turn in: Note that there are no spaces in the subject lines given. It is important that you do not insert any spaces. My e-mail address is:



Look for the due date in the class schedule. (It's at the top level of the class directory.)