(Latest Revision -- 08/12/01)

CS 1500 Study Guide for Quizzes

General Advice on Preparing for Quizzes:

The kinds of questions to expect:

  1. There may one or more questions at the very end of a quiz where you will be asked to write a small piece of C++ code.

  2. Many questions will resemble exercises from the texts.

  3. Many questions will be multiple choice. For example:
    Which is not a valid C++ identifier?
    A.  three_cpo
    B.  threeCpo
    C.  3cpo
    D.  _3_Cpo
    E.  All are valid C++ identifiers
    Answer C

  4. Many questions will be "short answer." For example:
    Question: What does the following program write?
    #include <iostream.h>
    int main (void)
      cout << "I love spaghetti," << endl ;
      cout << "all " << 44 +3 / 8 + 9 << " kinds."<< endl ;
      return 0 ;
    I love spaghetti,
    all 53 kinds.
    Question: Fill in the blanks with the proper terms.
    A program is needed to translate the high-level C++ language
    into ___________________ language.  A __________________ is a
    program that does this translation.
    Answer: machine (or assembly);

Some Specifics To Study

First of all, to study Andersen (the Unix book):

To Study Shifflet (the C++ programming book)