(Latest Revision: Sat Jul 26, 2014 ) E-Mail Rules

Rules for E-mail You Send Me

When you send me an e-mail message, especially if it is a program, all the lines in the message should have fewer than 79 characters, including white space and comments.

For certain technical reasons, I prefer that you not send me e-mail attachments.

If you are on one of our Mac OS systems and you want to send me a program, please send it using the Terminal App in the manner illustrated by this example:

mail -v -s "CS1234,prog04" john@ishi.csustan.edu < my_prog.cpp

If you are on a non-Unix system, or using some GUI e-mail program and you want to send me a program or the contents of some file, please just open the file in an editor window, copy the message to the "clipboard" and paste it into the message window of your e-mail program. This should work fine if the message is plain text and not extremely, extremely long.

Please do as indicated above instead of clicking on the "attachment" or "enclosure" button.

Thanks. This will simplify some of the work I do in processing your programs and the other messages you send me.