(Latest Revision: Sun Oct 29, 2017 ) Makefile


To make a copy of the Makefile, just select the text in-between the spacer lines below and copy it to your 'clipboard'. Then make a new file and paste the text into it. Name the new file "Makefile" - exactly that name - no extension.

The file has three indented lines. Each of those indented lines should begin with a single tab character, and no other whitespace, followed by some text that starts with "g++". The syntax of a Makefile requires that the indentation be made with a tab character. If not, the 'make' command may not compile your program properly.

It's possible that your software could transform the tabs into a series of blank spaces. So please check for that. After you make your new copy of the file, if necessary, just change back the indentation to a single tab character.

# To compile the program put sequence.cpp, sem.cpp,
# sem.h, and this file: Makefile in a directory
# on one of the lab Macs.  Then type 
#         make
# at the shell prompt while 'in' the directory

sequence: sequence.o sem.o
	g++ -o sequence sequence.o sem.o
sequence.o: sequence.cpp sem.h
	g++ -c sequence.cpp
sem.o: sem.cpp sem.h
	g++ -c sem.cpp