Effective Computing

CS2000 section 01

Instructor: Debbie Lillie Gomez



To familiarize students with current computing technologies used within education, home, and business environments. Topics include productivity tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, hardware, and operating systems. There also will be discussion of ethical and social issues concerning information technologies. Enrollment preference will be given to Liberal Studies majors. Students may not use both CS 2000 and CS 4000 to satisfy G.E. requirements. Satisfies G.E. area E1. Prerequisites: (Credit may not be given for both CS 2000 and CS 4000.) (Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory, 1 hours)


Textbook: How Computers Work 10th edition by Ron White.  This book is available for under $30.00


Lecture:  MW 10:00 - 10:50 in DBH166

Lab Times: MWF 11:00-11:50 in DBH120.  You are welcome to come to any of my lab times; priority will be given to the students enrolled in the section.


Office Hours: The lab times are the best time to meet with me.  I can also meet after 2:00, or by appointment.


I will cover the lab assignments in class quickly.  I will be available during the computer lab times to go over the assignments again with whoever needs or wants additional explanations.


I expect students to attend lectures and turn assignments on time. Classes will be recorded and available in Canvas in case you need to miss a class or if you want to review a lecture. Only students enrolled in this class will be able to see the recordings within the Canvas component of this course.  Please be aware that the microphone might capture your voices in addition to my lecture.


All students must be respectful of others and control your use of electronics.  Playing games or browsing the web is disruptive to others around you.  In this case, you can excuse yourself. 



Please be sure to always include cs2000 in the subject line, of any and all e-mails to me!




Quizzes: 400 points - Quizzes will be done on-line at canvas.csustan.edu  There will be eight quizzes, which will cover chapters in the book.  You will have one week to take the quiz, once it is announced in class. 


Assignments: 400 points – Assignments will be listed in Canvas and posted when the assignment is given.  Assignments are due at midnight on the due date. Assignments can be turned in up to one week after due date, 10% will deducted each day on late assignments, up to 50%.  We will be creating newsletters, modifying digital pictures, making budgets, building web pages and exploring technologies.   


Presentations: 200 points - There will be in-class presentations done in groups of three or four students.  You will be presenting some form of new technology.  Presentations will be the last weeks of the class.


You can see your current grades at any time in Canvas and you should be checking your grades on a regular bases. There is no need for surprises at the end of the term.  Your grades are your responsibility, If you have a question or a concern with the score of any assignment or quiz please e-mail me with your concerns as soon a possible, do not wait until the last weeks of the semester.



93% to 100%

A -

90% to 92.9%

B +

87% to 89.9%


83% to 86.9%

B -

80% to 82.9%

C +

77% to 79.9%


73% to 76.9%

C -

70% to 72.9%

D +

67% to 69.9%


63% to 66.9%

D -

60% to 62.9%


59% or lower