Streamlining You Workload: Computer Methods To Evaluate and Inform Students
Dan L. Bratten
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  Challenge Exam Instructions:


I will be handing out instructions in class on Week Two to those of you who scored 40 or higher on the exam and who wish to take the application's portion of the test. You are under no obligation to take this additional test. Passing the application's portion is, however, required to successfully challenge the course and receive a CR grade. Additional work may be completed to receive a letter grade, if you wish.

If you decide to take this final section of the test, please allow the full class period to complete your work. You will have two hours to complete your work and may use additional time, but with a penalty. I will allow you to start the test in class after I have completed covering the instructions for the assignments listed in Week Two. I anticipate you can begin within the first hour of class. You will be required to return the instructions prior to leaving class. You will be tested on using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and IE. Consult the class assignment's instructions to get a sense of the material you will be expected to know.

For those of you not taking the additional test, I will return to a normal format of class by offering step-by-step instructions on completing each assignment. We will cover logging in and out, using MS Word, saving your work, using email, sending attachments, etc.. We will do this while the others are taking their test. There will be ample time for individual questions and everyone will be able to complete the requirements for Week Two.

While I added this challenge exam to fast-track those of you with years of experience, this is still a course that will elevate even a beginner into being productive with a computer. In addition, there is no disgrace in not successfully challenging the course to my satisfaction as there are most likely elements in the test that you may not have ever worked with and cannot be expected to know.

Best wishes to all for the new term.

  Challenge Exam Passing:

Congratulations! You have passed the Challenge Exam. You have earned a CR grade in the course.

If you wish to receive a letter grade it will be necessary to complete additional work. Your CR grade is worth 920 points toward a final letter grade. I ask that you complete the Discussion Paper, PowerPoint Two, and Oral Presentation Two assignments -- an additional 460 points for a total of 1380. Your grade will be determined by the listing in the syllabus based on total points earned.

If you choose to complete the work for a letter grade the due dates on the assignment page apply. You are free to attend class if you wish to receive specific instruction on any assignment but will only be required to attend class to give your final speech, should you choose to do so.

Please let me know how you would like to be graded.


This is an auto-response indicating that my computer received your email. I have not verified that any attachment sent will open or that it complies with the assignment. I will notify you at a later time if I can not open your work.

Dan L. Bratten -- Lecturer, Computer Science Dept.
California State University, Stanislaus -- Turlock, CA
  Assignment Grade Form:

Resume or Cover Letter Assignment (75 possible each)--

Total Deductions:

Subject (5-10)-

Saved Name (5)-

Late - per class period (7.5)-

Margins (10)-

Header (2-10)-

Footer (2-10)-

Missing Computer Skills (5)-

Spelling (1-10)-

Grammar (1-10)-

Other (?)-
  PowerPoint Receipt:

I received your PowerPoint and it opened on my computer.

Unless you make changes, you do not have to bring your presentation to class on disc.

  Notification of Points Online:


The Discussion Paper assignment points are now posted in the online database.

A score of 2 indicates that I have not received your complete assignment (electronic attachment and printed copy) for grading and that it is late.

You should each receive and email reply to your assignment listing deductions. I will return your print copy with further notes in class tonight.

  Web Page URL Instructions:

For this week you are to meet the following deadline on the web page instructions:

By end of class Week Eight - the student will email the instructor ( with their URL. Email Subject will be "ClassID Web Address (e.g., CS3000-7 Web Address)."

To compose your own URL (aka web address) you need the following information that I will be discussing in class:

The URL begins with: http://

The "server" used to host your web site will be:

A / separates the server name from the account name.

The "account" for your class will be: ~cs2000-3 (exactly as shown)

A / separates the account name from the personal folder name.

The name of your "personal" directory will be: your initials (first, middle, last -- as used in assignments -- all lower case)

A / separates the personal folder name from the homepage name

The name of your personal "homepage" will be: index.html

Your complete URL will look like this (but using the information above) --


This address will, in time, reach your home page of the site you create. The ~ at the beginning of the account name directs the web server to go to that account's folder/directory on the server to find and post web pages. It further specifies that within that account directory the server will find a directory named public_html which will contain all files/folders to serve to the web.

It will be within the public_html directory that your personal folder/directory (named with your initials) will be placed using an FTP program. Your personal directory will contain all pages and images used for your web site.

Your web site, to be graded, must be located on the CS department server.

I will provide further clarification in class.

  Web Page Grading Form:

Web Page Assignment Points (140 possible):

Total Deductions:

Week 8 Email Subject (5)-

Week 8 URL (10)-

Week 9 Draft Online (10)-

Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar (5-20)-

Home Page:

Missing (50)-

Page Title (5)-

Name (5)-

Major (5)-

ClassID (5)-

Photo (20)-

Working links to 3 required pages (5 ea.)-

Links Page:

Missing (40)-

Page Title (5)-

3 Images (5 ea.)-

3 working hyperlinks (5 ea.)-

Resume Page:

Missing (20)-

Page Title (5)-

Not HTML (10)-

Paper Page:

Missing (20)-

Page Title (5)-

Not HTML (10)-

Final Points Notification:


Final points for the semester are posted in the online database. Consult the syllabus to determine your letter grade.

Note that your points may not equal your final grade if you failed to pass any assignments. The number of failed assignments is posted at the top right of the web page. The syllabus, under Grading, states:

You must earn a minimum of 60% of the available points to pass each assignment (For this purpose, each quiz will count as one assignment.) If you fail to do so, your final grade will be reduced by one full letter grade for each assignment you fail to pass.

Your submitted grade will reflect this requirement.

If you contacted me in writing asking to receive a CR/NC grade, and you are eligible per the syllabus, your grade will reflect your request.

Best wishes to you all.



Dan L. Bratten © 2004