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Welcome to our research group for 2012-2013!

WPST analysis group wiki page (Martin and Thomas)

DBMS performance testing group wiki page (Thomas)


Next Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing will be in Baltimore, MD, October 3 – 6, 2012.

Next Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing will be February 8-10, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Welcome to our research group for 2011-2012!

Here are our wiki pages for last year's work.

DBMS performance testing group wiki page (Thomas)

Data Mining group wiki page (Martin)

Carter's group wiki page (Carter)

GIS group wiki page (Hauselt)

'Dream Team' group wiki page

IR Data Analysis group wiki page

Spring 2012

"The Age of Big Data" New York Times, Feb 11, 2012

April 2012

College of Natural Science Poster Celebration - submit your work as a poster, show off what you've done this year!

January 24, 2012

Important dates for Spring 2012

  1. Student Research Competition, registration / submission deadline 2/24/2012
  2. Student Research Competition 3/9/2012, SRC Procedures and Guidelines
    1. Oral Presentation Advice by Mark Hill (note that conference presentations are 20-30 minutes, but your SRC presentation will be only 10! Distill, distill, summarize, distill. The generic talk outline he provides may be useful, in any short presentation you ever give.)
    2. Giving a Technical Presentation by Michael Ernst (also includes advice on in-class presentations)
  3. CCSC-SW poster abstracts due 3/9/2012
  4. CCSC-SW conference, Stockton, poster session: 3/24/2012 (or 3/23)
  5. Northern California Undergraduate Mathematics Conference will be April 21st at CSU Stanislaus. Presentation applications due about March 16th-ish.
  6. Coll Nat'l Sciences poster display / session: May 2012
  7. Student technical reports, good draft, due 5/2/2012
  8. Student technical reports due, final draft 5/16/2012 (Reading Day)
  9. Final exams start 5/17/2012

Guidelines on Research Practice in Computer Science

November work

January 24, 1 - 4 pm, group meeting / workshop

On the day before, or the day after, the workshop, we may hold an LSA workshop for those interested.

incomplete list of project ideas and data sets for Spring 2012

StudentsCarterHauseltMartinThomasDeVries/AstrmyCSU Stan IR data
Max A
Sam Bxx
Melissah Bxxx-and census
Cassie Cxxx
Carlos C
Kristi D
Armando Gxxx
Cameron Gxx
Christopher H
Robert JX
Aaron RXXX
Matt SX
Emmanuel W
Lue YX

September-October work

Supercomputing 2011

Hopper 2011

Annual ART Success Rates Reports: a data source for independent projects

August Workshop


AAAI Conference. Papers all available. (Martin)

Martin's slides from her talk

CIMIS water data (Hauselt)

'The Joy of Stats' video. Mentioned in the video: Crimespotting maps, Google Language Translation tools, LSST telescope, successor to the Sloan Sky Survey, We Feel Fine project, visualizing feelings

Prezi - Zooming Presentation Editor (Carter)



Hauselt's talk slides from today

Geospatial Revolution / Episode One

Ushahidi - free and open-source mapping technology

Open Street Map - free, wiki-based world map


Martin's slides from today's talk

Test data to load into MySQL after installing, and test script to use when loading test data into MySQL. You'll need to edit the script to specify where, on your own computer, you've stored the test data file.

M. Thomas's slides from today's talk

Free courses at Stanford in Fall 2011

Fall Schedule

8/22-9/18Ball, Cardoza, Davis, YangAndrade, Gose, Reesh, CisnerosBaer, Garcia, Perez, JimenezHill, Porter, Stephens, Ware
9/19-10/9Hill, Porter, Stephens, WareBall, Cardoza, Davis, YangAndrade, Gose, Reesh, Cisneros Baer, Garcia, Perez, Jimenez
10/10-10/30Baer, Garcia, Perez, Jimenez Hill, Porter, Stephens, Ware Ball, Cardoza, Davis, Yang
10/31-11/20 Baer, Garcia, Perez, Jimenez Hill, Porter, Stephens, Ware Ball, Cardoza, Davis, Yang
11/28 onRe-form groups for research projects